joi, 19 ianuarie 2012

Proud to be Romanian

Today, after 7 days of demonstrations all over the country, I'm proud again to be Romanian. Too much humiliation these past years and struggling to make it and finally people have had enough..."We apologize if we can't produce as much as you can steal", that's only one of the things people have to say...All categories of people are out there on the street: rich and poor, educated and non educated, old and young, just everyone...I feel that this country, after 20 years has awoken...Why does it take us so long to fight back? Well, it's never too late, and there's still hope. Tonight I'm filled with hope.

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feudalserfer spunea...

I think your country is a fascinating place, Pati and has a great future as Europe will, and must, pull closer together if it is to compete in the global marketplace. Romania's proximity to Italy must also make a difference to her future, as well.

Nigel x

Patricia spunea...

I strongly think that too, I hope I'll still be around to live it!;-) This country has a lot to offer, that's why it's even harder to see that politicians do their best to ruin it all...There are over 2 million Romanians working abroad, especially in Italy and Spain and a lot of Romanian gypsies abroad who embarass us begging on the streets of the Western part of Europe....but, as you said, heads up with the firm conviction that there is a bright future for us ahead! P.S. I knew it was you, Nigel, who else could have "feudalserfer" as a user name?:))